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To join our club please go to the Apply tab and complete the online registration form. Please note that new members have to be sponsored by an existing member and all applications have to be approved by the committee.
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Formed in 1970 by a few employee’s of the South Eastern Electricity Board who liked to get together for the occasional caravaning weekend, it soon grew into a thriving group of over 70 members.

Membership used to be restricted to employees or friends of employees but following the privatisation of the ESI industry in 1990 and numerous changes of ownership, which expanded the companies operating area to include London and the East of England, membership is now open to anyone.

We hold three weekend rallies every year, usually within the old SEEBOARD area. Two of these rallies are usually extended to optionally include the Thursday and Monday giving a long weekend for those who can do so. We also have a rally week in England during late May/early June to fit in with school half-term.

Evening entertainment is a major feature of our local rallies with live bands, discos, quizes, race nights and more.

Seeboard Caravan and Camping Club